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4 tips on how to prepare for class presentations

Class presentations are a staple of a college education. In graduate school, I have experienced my fair share of presentations already (and there are more to come!). As I prepare for several presentations within the next few weeks, I’d like to offer my tips to my fellow students who are also preparing to give class presentations. Although some students enjoy…

Welcome to the Real World; Stress Everywhere

When I arrived at school a little over three months ago, I thought I was in the real world. I wasn’t living with my parents, I was responsible for doing my own work, managing my own time, and making my own decisions. The Real World! I was doing fantastic! My classes weren’t beating me up, I thought I was on…

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Finals!

It’s the most stressful time of the semester: finals week. Piles of books to be studied, papers to be written, and presentations to prepare become our #1 priorities, and we all go into “study mode.” Computer labs and library cubicles fill, sleep takes a back seat, and Starbucks makes a killing. How does St. Rose help us cope? They give us…