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The Intern’s Corner; Some Things I’ve Noticed

Greetings once again from Virginia! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Fourth in true American style. It’s time again for another update on the goings on down here, and seeing as I still struggle with a proper way to begin these postings, I’ll just jump right in then.

There have been a number of new changes in my life involved with this endeavor. Nothing earth-shattering nor drastic, just new things to get used to, for me at least. Turns out, while I’ve never quite considered myself heat-averse, when the daily low is never below eighty, and a hundred plus is never out of the question, I’m pretty much reconsidering my stance. Alexandria is hot. I’ve concluded thus far that Virginia is the hottest state in the country and most probably the world. I’m yet to look into it, but I’m sure it’s a simple fact of science. It isn’t simply the usual mercury level, the humidity is phenomenal. Five o’clock thunderstorms you could set a watch to are the only thing that provide slight salvation to a regal northern man like myself from the clutches of a nearly supersaturated, baking environment.

So yes, it’s warm here. Aside from being a temperature-loving city, Alexandria also excels in canine culture. Never have I seen a human drinking fountain, let alone every single one in a city, fully equipped with a dog fountain as well. It’s great! I’m an avid dog fan, except for maybe the smallish type that comfortably fit into fashion carry-on bags. There are so many different breeds to be seen, all done up to the nines, heaven forbid they be seen walked down Kings Street without a proper trim. The only part that’s come to disappoint me about all these potential friends is their attitude. I get it. You’re walked along this strip in front of droves of people every day; so one more new human is nothing to get excited about. But today, please, let it be my day for you to greet me like a normal dog would. Firm eye contact, the share of a mutual chagrin, then sniff about a bit while I tell your leashed owner that, “No, of course I don’t mind!”

I’m sure one of these days it’ll happen. Anyway, on a whole different note entirely, the internship is going well. I’m in about my fourth week with the ACRP and I continue to enjoy the association, folks I work with, and the office environment more and more. It’s a treat not to have to e-mail the most basic of communications, when you can casually chat over the half wall of your cubicle with your neighbor. One of my assignments thus far that I’ve found especially interesting has been helping Business Development on reworking standard contracts and licensing agreements in order to be pertinent to new negotiations. I doubt the majority gets too excited by the thought of contract writing, let alone having to actually read all the way through one. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the particularity and attention to detail that I find engaging.

Unfortunately, it’s back to interning for this intern. There are always a few things to be tended to. I’d like to thank you for reading; I hope everyone has a good day and a pleasant tomorrow.

There's almost always a good rooftop sunset to be had.

There’s almost always a good rooftop sunset to be had.

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