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Three ways to avoid procrastinating as a college student

Sometimes, being in college can feel like a full time job full of stress and anxiety. There are important deadlines, difficult assignments, and sometimes there are subjects that do not particularly interest you. You might put off starting your homework because of many things: you could be burned out, have a heavy course load, a job, or other tasks that need your attention. 

Luckily, there are tools that can help you avoid procrastination and to improve your time management skills. 

Here are our top three tips for pushing through procrastination while you’re at Saint Rose.

Get a planner

While you’re in college, it might start to feel like there is too much on your plate; this can get overwhelming. Taking time to write everything you need to do out and physically see it can make everything seem less daunting and stressful. With a planner, you can keep track of all of your upcoming assignments, events, and anything else that is happening in your life. A planner can help you stay on top of everything. 

Use a calendar

If you have a job or internship, attend a lot of events on- and off-campus or are a student athlete, filling out your calendar can help you organize your time. Use your calendar to find chunks of time to do your homework, or take much deserved time to relax and practice some self-care. 

Pro tip: Saint Rose students are given a Google account when you start school. Use Google Calendar to keep track of your class schedule, work schedule, and to set aside time to work on your school assignments. 

Find time for yourself

The real key to combating procrastination is finding time to enjoy things you love. Whether that’s watching your favorite show or movie, going for a walk, or hanging out with your friends, it’s always important to do something you enjoy every day. This can help you develop a more positive mindset and can decrease your risk of falling into what some call “revenge bedtime procrastination.” This is a habit that can develop if you spend your days doing unenjoyable tasks, which makes you push off a healthy bedtime so you can do the things you enjoy. Having a poor sleep schedule can also negatively impact your motivation, which could make you procrastinate. As much as you may want to get all your work done at once, it’s important to give yourself a brain break! 

Trying to avoid procrastination and developing a good schedule for yourself is not easy, and is something everyone struggles with, whether they’re in college or off in the “real world.” Just know that as much as you would like them to, bad habits can’t be fixed overnight! Slowly work towards your goals and these healthy habits will become second nature to you! 

If you’re struggling with procrastination or burnout, you can and should utilize the resources available to you on campus. If you want to speak to a counselor about things that are stressing you out, you can schedule an appointment with our Counseling Center. If you want help managing your course load, reach out to your academic advisor or make an appointment at the Academic Success Center for help with homework, studying, and more!

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