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To Orientation and Beyond: Some Tips for the Class of 2016

Hello Everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I am enjoying my time at The College of Saint Rose being an Orientation Leader for the Class of 2016. I already went through Session 1 and I already think the new Freshman class is going to be AWESOME!! A little bit of warning for the next sessions coming up: We (The Orientation Leaders) might be a little bit crazy!

Hanging with some freshman with their NEW 2016 T-Shirt!!

So a couple of weeks ago I posted a status on my Facebook page and asked different Saint Rose students to give tips for the new class. I am happy to say that they gave some good tips!

  1. Catitlyn Fulleman (Class of 2015): Make sure you study!
  2. Chris Lovell (Class of 2015):  Stop into Professor’s Office Hours; it builds a better relationship and they are more apt to help you when you ask for it.
  3. Blaise Joseph Bryant (Class of 2014)  Meet new people, don’t get involved in a “friendship group”, talk to your professors, and don’t freak out over the transition because freaking out isn’t going to help you transition. Some things you just have to learn on your own; everyone experiences things in different ways.
  4. Elizabeth Tapia (Class of 2015):  Don’t stay in your room all day and avoid the world!!
  5. Ashlie Garcia (Class of 2015): Take advantage of campus events. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and can get something out of it every single time. Can’t say that nothing goes on!
  6. Kaitie Bennett Class of 2015): Don’t let the little things stress out moments that make you forget about the bigger picture, because at the end of the day it’s all about walking on that stage at graduation with a diploma in your hand. The small stuff will work itself out, so there’s no need to worry.

MY TIP FOR THE CLASS OF 2016: Enjoy every experience that if offered at this college! Get involved, meet some friends, and attend a lot of school events. My most important tip is to HAVE FUN!! Being a senior now made me realize that college is a short period of time and you should use that time to have the full college experience.

I hope the first set of freshman enjoyed their Orientation Session!! I can not wait to meet the rest of the Class of 2016!

This is my EXCITED face!! Get Ready Class of 2016!

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