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Vox Organizationis: Big Brothers/Big Sisters

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Any of you unfortunate (or fortunate if you wish to think) souls who don’t like children might want to leave now, because it’s time for an explanation of Bib Brothers/Big Sisters, answered by current president Katrina Pecorella.

The national organization’s logo (from the Big Brothers Big Sisters website,

(Answered: April 2013)

Q: What is the purpose of your organization?

A: The purpose of our organization is to mentor children from low income families or children with behavioral problems. By mentoring we provide a stable and nurturing environment for kids who may not experience it at home or at school.

Q: Who are your officers?

A: Katrina Pecorella (me) -President

Michelle Paladino- Vice President

Q: How many members did you have this semester?

A: We have 12 matches in our chapter.

Q: When and where are your regular meetings?

A: We meet six times per semester on Saturdays from 12-330. We usually meet in the commuter lounge. Our location varies depending on what Michelle and I plan for the program that week.

Q: Is anybody allowed to attend meetings? Are there any students that you’d especially recommend join (specific majors, interests, etc.)?

A: You have to go through the BBBS application process and be approved to become a Big. We are always open to people with interest in the club coming to meetings to get a better sense of what we do. Any major can join, but I think that it is a very valuable experience for students looking to go into inner city education as well as social work/psychology.

Q: Do you work with any other clubs often?

A: We do not really work with other clubs but we are looking to expand our horizons on that front next year.

Q: What events have you held/participated in before? What are/were some of your favorites?

A: We have done so many great things this year. Two of my favorite programs were in the fall when we planned a trip for the kids to go to The Pottery Place in Stuyvesant Plaza. Many of our kids have untapped artistic talents. My other favorite was our most recent program. We had a woman from Reptile Adventures come in and teach the kids about different animals. It was the most engaged I’ve ever seen them. They had a really great time and it is always rewarding to see the littles sharing their knowledge with one another.

Q: What events/activities do you have planned for next semester?

A: We have a lot of things planned for next semester. We want to bring The Pottery Place to campus, bring in another educational show and maybe even take the kids snow tubing.

Q: Do members get any special opportunities through this club (guest speakers, trips, shows, etc.)? Any club clothing?

A: Unfortunately, with an extremely limited budget we cannot afford to provide any of these things for our members. We put all of our budget toward the kids and benefiting them.

Q: Are there any dues that are required to be payed in being a part of the club?

A: No.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add to those who might join?

A: We would love to continue the growth of our program. It is consistently getting larger every semester. This program will provide Bigs with skills and lessons that they will take with them for life. The experience is being matched with a little is sometimes frustrating, but is heavily outweighed by the rewards that come from seeing your little grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

We are also desperately in need for male matches! If you’re a guy and are interested PLEASE CONTACT ME

Real Life Stories from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (From

Q: Who can be contacted for further information?

A: I can. My email is

Link for applications (For the Capital Region agency) : Here

Alexis and Kati (From the BBBS of the Capital Region Facebook page)



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