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Winter is coming!

So if you’re anything like anyone from the Northeast, chances are you’ve experienced a snowy Upstate New York winter. If you’re not from an area where it snows, this post is for you!


A view of the street taken from the Center for International Programs

Now, believe me when I say that winters here get real. So here is a list of the top five things I am doing to save myself from freezing this snow season.

One: Layers, layers, layers – The weather here is bipolar, it’s going to snow one day and then it’s going to be in the 60’s the next. Coping with this change can be challenging. So, ladies and gentlemen, LAYER your outfits, wear clothes that you can easily take off indoors where it is heated and simply slide them back on when you’re heading outdoors.


A very snowy Albany

Two:  Invest in snow boots – Now, winters are all about looking either to good or dressing up as a carrot. Either way, you have to walk out there, on your own two feet, and make it to where ever you’re going. However there is a catch: You have to do all of this without slipping. Yes, I said it. It is very easy for one to slip and fall on ice if you’re not wearing the right kind of shoes. So buy snow boots that enable you to take on the nasty ice and reach your destination, in one piece.

Three: Doormat your dorm – With snow and dirt being almost everywhere, get a door mat for your dorm room to ensure that you’re not walking in with frozen ice underneath your shoes that’ll eventually melt and cause a puddle in your room. Even better, take off your shoes outside your room to ensure your room stays clean for longer.


I’m telling you it gets real up here!!!

Four: Take a trip to Walmart – Winter is bad and cold and if you’re are a student; chances are that you probably riding to Walmart or any other store for a quick grocery run in the CDTA. So the middle of a snow storm is not the best idea, at least not usually. Also, getting food delivered during snow days can be a mess. So, my recommendation would be to stock up on groceries and supplies that’ll last you a couple of weeks. Buy some hot chocolate guys. Hot chocolate and Netflix is definitely a thing during winters.

Five: Get ready before you need to get ready – Waking up on a cold winter morning with the heat turned up all the way and the flurries coming down outside can be quite the challenge. Believe me; I have been through my fair share of 8AM classes on a winter morning where all I wanted to do is sleep another 5 minutes. But, that doesn’t usually happen. So, prepare the night before what you’re going to do the next day. Pick out your sweaters, pack your book bags and make sure your coffee machine has enough water for the next batch of caffeine. That way, when you wake up late and have to get to class in 25 minutes, you’ll just have to freshen up, put on your winter armor and take on the day while being right on time.

That is my list of everything I have been doing to get past temperatures that are close to my age. I hope at least one if not all of these measures help you out as well!

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Beware, winter is coming.

Until next time folks,

Rohit out

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