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You was where, with who? Sometimes you’ve got to ask all these questions!

Knowing your way around campus is pretty crucial to everybody but do you really know where everything is? Sure you can find your classes and the dining hall well enough but do you know where to go if you burn your hand with soup?

That’s right today my friend burned her hand transporting her soup to our table in the dining hall. Soup. Is. Dangerous. Beware! In all seriousness if I hadn’t known where health services was she wouldn’t have gone. It’s so important to know these things and while talking to my freshman colleagues I realized that a lot of us have no idea where to go.

Some of us don’t remember where undergrad admissions is and that’s the place our Saint Rose experience started! Can you find the curriculum library or the campus theater? If I’m being honest I did an abnormally large amount of stuff on campus my first semester so I found all these gems before I needed too. However I remember needing directions to health services too, and I also remember going on my campus scavenger hunt during orientation and complaining in front of Health Services that I was hungry.

Lesson: I probably should have paid more attention to the location than to my tummy.

Earlier this week I had to drop off papers to human resources and was more than ready for a full quest to find the building. I literally walked out of the EAC and looked across Western Ave and there it was. To think it was as simple as that and I had no idea. I still have to find Moran Hall this semester which I’m looking forward to, I’m sure that will be right under my nose as well.

Let’s face it we’re not Saint Rose experts yet and we don’t have to be. It’s not a crime to peak at a pocket map now and again.

Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone!

The “fun” version of The College of Saint Rose campus map (provided by the Saint Rose Office of Public Relations).

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