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How to Have Fun This Summer (While Still Preparing for College)

You’ve got a couple of summers left before college, so you better be living it up! OK, OK, it’s not like summer stops happening after high school or something. And it’s not even like ...
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5 Essay Ideas That Are Never Boring (to Write or to Read)

Here’s the thing about the college essay: They’re not just hard to write. They can also be hard to read. Once you accept this truth, you’re going to be about 17 steps ahead of ...
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What to expect when you’re expecting grad school, Part 1

Whether you’re a newly minted college graduate, a working parent, a military veteran, an international student, a career changer, or some combination of the above, you have a lot in common with your fellow graduate ...
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This Is Why You Can Afford Private College (in GIFS)

There are so many wonderful parts of the college-selection process. Visiting campus is exciting, picking out decorations for your dorm room is fun, meeting a whole bunch of new people is awesome, and paying for ...
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Safe zone sign on Saint Rose campus

3 Ways to Get Involved with the LGBTQ* Community at Saint Rose

At Saint Rose, we’re proud of our queer community. We march in parades, hold fundraisers, organize protests, and just get together and hang out. For Pride month, we’ve highlighted ways our LGBTQ+ students like to ...
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