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Sister Sean Peters, CSJ, asked Murphy what he could do for the dear nieghbor

Saint Rose Counseling Professor Continues Sister’s Legacy

As he prepared to leave his teaching post in Atlanta to join the Saint Rose faculty in 2018, Dr. Thomas Murphy received an email from ...
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A first-year teacher not boxed in by convention

On picture day in Alaina Foust’s pre-K class at Joseph Henry Elementary School in Saratoga County, the students were called up one at a time ...
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Kaliah Noel '21

Meet Kaliah Noel ’21: Sales major, student leader, and entrepreneur

Kaliah Noel ’21 was inspired to change her major from business administration to sales management after listening to Mark Michalisin, sales professional in residence, speak ...
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8 fun things you can do in New York’s Capital Region (that are safe and socially distanced)

Are you tired of being stuck in your dorm room all week? Have you binge-watched too many Netflix shows (even the boring ones)? Is your ...
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Understanding racism through storytelling and art: Music education students create lesson plans for today’s world

At the intersection of art and music, race and representation, and storytelling and listening was Dr. Jennifer Campbell's elementary music methods class on Thursday, engaging ...
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