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Who does the most homework at Saint Rose?

The thought of walking across the stage and receiving a diploma is what encourages lots of college students to keep their heads up and do their very best in all of their classes. 

At Saint Rose, every student’s experience is different. One of the biggest experiences that can vary from student to student is homework. How much homework they’re assigned, how long it takes to do it, and how difficult it is heavily depends on your major. To get a better idea of how homework varies from student to student, we surveyed 62 Saint Rose students to determine the average homework time based on major. We asked them their academic year, major, and how many hours per day they think they spend doing homework.

Because Saint Rose has so many different programs to offer, there are different kinds of work that go into each program. For example, a music industry major would spend less time sitting at a desk writing papers than an English major. Each student has different requirements and standards based on their classes, and each student works differently and at their own pace. But we found that on average, most Saint Rose students, regardless of major, spend between two and four hours doing homework per week. 

Based on our survey, sophomores and seniors spend the most time doing homework, with eight sophomores and seven seniors saying they do homework for more than four hours per day. The students that spend the most time doing homework, which is over four hours per day, are seniors majoring in education, psychology, history, English, and social work.

A visual representation of how much homework Saint Rose students do every day, per academic year.

Some of the programs who spend the most time doing homework (more than four hours per day) are education, English, history, social work, and psychology. On average though, most of the students surveyed said they spend two to four hours per day on homework. 

A visual representation of which Saint Rose programs do the most homework per day.

Throughout all of the long study sessions or all nighters, just remember that you are here to further your education and pursue a career that you are passionate about! When you walk across the stage at the end of your college career, it will all have been worth it.

If you’re struggling with your homework load and need some tips on how to manage your time, check out our blog post about time management!

By Sydney Sepulveda

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