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Hello there, virtual world!

Hello, Saint Rose blog reader! My name is Ashlie Garcia and I am a senior here at The College of Saint Rose. I am majoring in the oh-so-awesome field of communications, concentrating on public relations and advertising. I am from the Bronx, NY and I am literally obsessed with social media! Name any social media/networking site and I can say that I have probably tried it. All of my friends describe me as personable, friendly, funny, and “smiley,” as fellow blogger Lolita would say. (Hi, Lolita!) I am a commuter student here at he College and it has definitely changed my overall experience the past two years, but we’ll cover that topic some other time.

Little ol' me being silly as always!

Little ol’ me being silly as always!

I graduated from Cathedral High School in New York, NY. Being in the heart of New York City 24/7 exposed me to a lot of what living in NYC is all about– the food, the fashion, and its presence as a media hub. I think this is what influenced my decision to become a communications major. I love to be on the internet, interact with others through social media, and I literally still gawk at all of the advertisements on Times Square whenever I happen to be there. I may be from NYC, but I sometimes act like a tourist whenever I get the chance to go back home. The experience is different every single time! That’s when I told myself, that is the career I have always wanted–  I want one of my own advertisements up on one of those jumbo screens someday.



My experiences at Saint Rose have been amazing these past three years! Here’s to another amazing year full of laughter, challenging assignments, and making memories that I will cherish forever. So come along on my senior year journey with me, and let’s experience what my last year here has to offer.

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