My Last First Day of Fall Semester at Strose

You want to know how good my first day was? It was so good that it took me at least 5 minutes to write the title of this blog… I kept typing My First Last Day… Go me!

Anyway guys, Welcome back to Saint Rose!!!! 😀 I know I’m glad to be back! It’s so weird, however, because it’s my senior year. My.Senior.Year. Where has the time gone?! I remember when I was a freshman and I was so nervous and excited and new… Now I’m old, but what can you do?

Today was definitely a day that I was very mentally unprepared for. I think it’s because I’m in denial about being a senior still.. Once again, it’s so weird! Just wait ’till you’re here, and if you are here… then maybe you agree with me? I don’t want to leave. 🙁

My first day started at 6 a.m. when I groggily rolled out of bed for my 7:35 a.m. class. I’m actually really excited for this class, so I’m not even mad that I have to wake up so early. The class I’m taking is called Learning! It’s all about memory and the brain. I love this stuff so much that I was tempted to read the textbook over summer vacation. I just think it’s going to be a really exciting class regardless that I will be half asleep while attending lectures. It’ll hopefully wake me up and make me more of a morning person so I can get more done and procrastinate less.

As I start this year, I’ve set out some goals for myself that I really hope to follow! These are:

  1. Do AWESOME in all of my classes (AKA: Get an A in everything). I’ll let you know if I accomplish this by the end of the semester. I desperately want to.
  2. Do not cry over class stress. This happens. I get so stressed that I cry and think I’m not doing well, and then BAM. I’m doing well. I can’t do that anymore.
  3. Live Strose life to the fullest!
  4. See EVERYTHING Albany has to offer! It’s my senior year and I know for a fact there are still things in Albany that I do not know about! If anyone knows of anything cool and exciting coming up, let me know! Maybe we can go together! 🙂
  5. Not procrastinate. If you’ve read my blogs before you all know this is a problem I’ve slowly been overcoming. I need to conquer it and step all over it this year… I just have to.

I hope everyone had a great first day of classes! Regardless of the fact that most of my professors read their syllabus to us word for word, it was a really swell day filled with friends, planner organizing, and goal setting!

What are some of your goals this year? 🙂


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