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4 Reasons Everyone’s Going to ‘Pre-College’ This Summer


In the olden days, they used to not let you go to college until you graduated high school.

Whaaaat? That’s crazy.

Now it’s 2018, which means you get to go to college way before your senior year. (Oh, but seniors are welcome, too!)

Here are four reasons Saint Rose’s Pre-College Experience should be your #summergoals.

You’re an artist, a musician, or a filmmaker and you’re ready to get really, really good at it.
We have rigorous programs for students who draw and paint and sculpt, students who play instruments, and students who love to make movies. You’ll do in days what would take you half a year to do in high school.

You can learn how to solve crimes.
That’s right. Our Criminal Justice and Forensics program is like dropping yourself down into the middle of a “CSI” episode. You’ll visit a real trial, listen to professionals talk about what they do, and analyze a mock crime scene by looking at fingerprints and analyzing blood splatter patterns. Then you’ll present your findings from the mock crime scene, including who may have committed the crime and how. This isn’t a Mystery Room! This is the real deal.

You’ll be spending two weeks with students who love what you love.
There’s nothing better than hanging out with people who are obsessed with the things you’re obsessed with. Meet students who are as passionate about art, filmmaking, or music as you are, and meet your BFFs for life.

You’ll get a taste of college. It’s as good as pizza, really.
College is intense — and Pre-College can be, too. But you’ll be surprised to discover how much fun it is to engross yourself in something you care about. That’s one of the perks of college — as you’ll soon find out. Plus, you have the option to stay in our on-campus housing for the full 360-degree college experience. Live like a college student for just a couple of summer weeks.

Ready to try college before the rest of your class does? Sign up for Pre-College now!

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