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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

Author: Brianna Snyder

9 Pictures That Prove Albany Does Autumn Better Than Any Place on Earth #Fallbany

If you have any doubts about living in Albany, leave it to fall to prove you wrong. Autumn in the Capital Region isn’t just legendary, it’s completely magical. People drive from all over just to look at the colors here, and here at Saint Rose, we’re just living in the middle of the golds and reds and yellows. Truly, there’s…

How to Make Some Side Cash During the Fall Semester (and Beyond)

As a college kid, you’re already busy with school and maybe even work study, too. You may find yourself wishing you had a little extra cash for pizza and coffees, so we rounded up a few of those money-making apps out there that can help line your pockets with some spare change. Look, we’re not saying you’re going to get…

calculator on a smartphone

Financial Aid 101: What We Wish We Knew about Paying for College When We Were 17

Figuring out how to pay for college can be overwhelming (to say the least). But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got the benefit of hindsight (something all of the older people in your life tell you, we know), but TRUST US: learn from our mistakes. If we were in your shoes right now, we’d go about this whole financing-the-most-important-part-of-your-life…

tower of rocks to illustrate balance

School/Life Balance: 6 Ways to Do it Right

Going to college is famously one of the best experiences of your life. Studying and hanging out with people your own age who are interested in the things you are is  powerful. You are definitely going to love it. However, you may easily find yourself overwhelmed by schoolwork and all the stuff you’re involved in outside of the classroom. Striking…

Female Saint Rose student sitting with computer outside.

4 Ways to Hack Your College Tuition

We’re not going to lie to you and act like college is cheap, but there is more to the story than a lot of people think. First of all, Saint Rose awards 98 percent of undergraduate students financial aid. In other words, we go out of our way to make sure your investment is smart and affordable. Still, most people…