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A New Academic Year

Hello, Everyone, and welcome to the new Academic Year! Who’s excited? I know I am!

Now, raise your hand if you’re scared out of your mind. Did yours go up? I know mine did.

See? This bunny is scared about the future too. Photo taken from Google.

See? This bunny is scared about the future too.
Photo taken from Google.

I know what you’re thinking – I’m one of the cheeriest, most excited people on campus. What do I have to be scared of? Plus, I’m a senior. Shouldn’t I be used to this whole college thing by now?

Well, if we’re going to be completely honest, the truth is I am scared. I’m scared about being a student teacher, about being someone people look up to, and about the future. The truth is is that it never gets easier. Yes, by your sophomore year, you have your group of friends, and you maybe even have a significant other, and you think you know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. But then time passes, and the friends you were once so close to start to look a little different, and you realize that things are changing. You are changing.

And that’s ok.

Change is a healthy process that we’re all go through, and it’s something that cannot be stopped. We all change due to the experiences we go through, who we talk to, and where we learn from. At Saint Rose, we always learn things that will help us better the world, and that’s wonderful. We learn new things about ourselves that we never thought we could, and it’s amazing. But because of that, we change what we want out of life and what we want to give to the world. We change who we want to be.

And that’s ok.

Good question. (Retrieved from

Good question. (Retrieved from

Here’s a fun, personal story: I’m a singer. I’m good at it. I love doing it. But until I realized that I could do something with this talent, and until I got pressured by others to pursue this dream I always had, I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted out of life. I don’t want society and a career to take away the love I have for singing (not that it definitely would, but I know that a singing career would be more of a chore to me than anything else). I want my love of music to live on through others. And that, essentially, is what led me to want to be an educator. I want to share my passion for music with younger generations and show them why music is so amazing. The way I want to show them is not only through performance (that will never go away), but also through my teachings to them.

In actuality, I want to make a difference in the world. And the best way I know I can do that is through not just my song, but through my words in a classroom, and through my influence of others. I want to work in a college or some institution that will make kids live their dreams like I have. I want to help people change their lives for the better, just like Saint Rose has helped change mine. I want to make a difference.

And that’s ok.

To the freshmen who are scared, and to my friends and colleagues who are still trying to figure it all out, it’s ok. It’s ok to still try to figure things out. It’s ok to be scared of the future. We’re all trying to figure this thing out that is life, and we’re going to continue to try to figure things out until our time on this Earth is over. I can guarantee that it does get easier. Being at an institution like The College of Saint Rose makes it easier to figure these things out. Having a loving and supportive community makes it easier.

So smile; it’s a new academic year, and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. You’ve got the entire world ahead of you. And you’re going to take it by storm. Just know that you’re not alone with trying to figure things out. There is a loving a supportive community here at the college, and a lot of people who want to help you on your journey. Don’t be afraid to talk to your RA, someone at the Counseling Center, a Professor, or just a Friend.

You Got This. You’re Going to Be Ok. 🙂

You're gonna make it A-Ok!  Photo taken by Genevieve Diller

You’re gonna make it A-Ok!
Photo taken by Genevieve Diller

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