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The Fruits of Our Labor

Hello There!

The Chalk Maverick strikes again! (credit: Priscilla Ly)

The Chalk Maverick strikes again! (credit: Priscilla Ly)

There’s been plenty of activity since my last post and my return to Albany and Saint Rose. Recently, I along with twenty women from the college (twenty undergraduates and one staff member–Hi Mary!) headed to a community garden to volunteer our time for Reach Out Saint Rose. Reach Out Saint Rose is a day where Saint Rose students, alums, staff, friends, and family give their time and efforts to volunteering at various locations in the community. This year marked the 17th consecutive year, with a whopping number of volunteers greater than 800!

This year, our group had the pleasure of working with Capital District Community Gardens (CDCG). CDCG started in 1975 as a community service project. Their vision is to connect people and communities in order to reduce the impact of poor nutrition on health by equipping people with the resources to do so. Capital District Community Gardens has their hands on various endeavors, which include: Community Gardens, The Veggie Mobile, The Produce Project, The Healthy Convenience Store Initiative, The Taste Good Series, Squash Hunger, and Urban Greening!

Reach Out Saint Rose allowed individuals at each site to not only learn about the organization they were working with, but to become more familiar with one another within the group. It was wonderful to see my residents (Hello Lima 3 Gals!) interact with each other as they pulled or raked vines, harvested winter squash, or shoveled compost. For me, it is not just the change(s) that can be made during that day of service–it’s the impressions and relationships that ultimately come about from the activities throughout the day.

Cheesin' it up (photo courtesy of Mary Grondahl)

Cheesin’ it up (photo courtesy of Mary Grondahl)

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