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Adventure Connoisseur – Meet AC Ryan Butler

^Because one dog selfie clearly was not enough… 🙂 

Throughout the academic year we introduce our blog readers to Saint Rose “radically adventurous” resident assistants (RAs). We’re taking the opportunity (and by “opportunity” we mean the slower summer season) to introduce you to four fantastic “adventure connoisseurs” area coordinators (ACs) who work with Saint Rose RAs.

Name: Ryan Butler

Hometown: Manchester, CT

Most memorable AC moment: My most memorable AC moment was when students were moving out of Brubacher for the year. As students were moving out, I could hear several students tell their parents that they wanted to stay. Students enjoyed their time so much that they did not want to go home.

What people should know about ACs: ACs are excellent resources and are interested in getting to know the students. I love meeting students at programs, club events, or other Saint Rose activities.


Favorite Albany hangouts: I am a HUGE fan of Ralph’s on Central. It is a small Italian restaurant that I used to, not knowingly, drive by all the time. I also really enjoy going to Cafe Madison, Brown’s (Troy), Junior’s for their wings, Ruby Asian Bistro, Emack and Bolio’s, Kurver Kreme, and any diner. Basically I am a huge fan of food.

Food that Ryan loves.

Food that Ryan loves.

I also enjoy going to Washington Park, Thatcher Park, the Plaza, and walks/runs around Albany.

Favorite late night snack: Sour Patch Kids is my guilty pleasure. I love eating gummies and fruit snacks.

Favorite Disney movie: Mulan

Random fun fact: I volunteer with Companion Animal Placement Program (CAPP). CAPP is a local animal rescue that works to provide loving and caring homes to a variety of animals.

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