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Vito, Why Did You Choose Saint Rose?

Hello friends! Since I get this question a lot from peers in high school, co-workers, and on campus I figured this week I would talk about how I found out about Saint Rose, #whyichosestrose and what led me to where I am today… So a little over a year ago I was sending in my final applications to all the colleges I…

Adventure Connoisseur – Meet AC Ryan Butler

^Because one dog selfie clearly was not enough… 🙂  Throughout the academic year we introduce our blog readers to Saint Rose “radically adventurous” resident assistants (RAs). We’re taking the opportunity (and by “opportunity” we mean the slower summer season) to introduce you to four fantastic “adventure connoisseurs” area coordinators (ACs) who work with Saint Rose RAs. Name: Ryan Butler Hometown: Manchester, CT…

What’s THAT supposed to mean??

Each country, region, and town has its own “lingo” that only the locals understand. Saint Rose is no exception. Here are some of the most commonly heard acronyms on campus: Bru- Brubacher Hall– one of our two freshman dorms CDTA- Capital District Transit Authority– our bus system in Albany, which Saint Rose students use for FREE! CCIM- William Randolph Herarst…