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Author: Glesaidys Eve

Five reasons why being a resident assistant (RA) is sweet and sour

  Just like the iconic Sour Patch Kids candy, being an RA is both sweet and sour. So, if you are dreaming of the enormous single dorm room you can have to yourself, the gigantic discount off room and board, and the chance to meet some amazing residents — and other RA benefits — then you might want to read…

8 fun things you can do in New York’s Capital Region (that are safe and socially distanced)

Are you tired of being stuck in your dorm room all week? Have you binge-watched too many Netflix shows (even the boring ones)? Is your body craving some fresh air and some outdoor fun? Well, don’t worry, New York’s Capital Region has got you covered! If you’ve been searching for the perfect fall activity or just something new to do…

handcuffs and finger prints

What it really means to be a forensic psychology major in college

Let’s face it — if you’ve ever binge-watched Criminal Minds or Law and Order, then you probably have thought about becoming a forensic psychologist. Maybe you were compelled by the criminal profiler’s impeccable ability to trap serial killers in a matter of minutes. Perhaps you wanted to be present solving murder mysteries with a magnifying glass in hand. Or maybe…