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8 fun things you can do in New York’s Capital Region (that are safe and socially distanced)

Are you tired of being stuck in your dorm room all week? Have you binge-watched too many Netflix shows (even the boring ones)? Is your body craving some fresh air and some outdoor fun? Well, don’t worry, New York’s Capital Region has got you covered!

If you’ve been searching for the perfect fall activity or just something new to do in the Capital Region, then you should check these ideas out:

If you thought a Pumpkin Spice Latte was the closest thing you would get to pumpkins this fall, then you haven’t visited Engelke Farm yet. The pumpkin patches are ripening, and Engelke Farm knows it! Located on 463 Garfield Road, Troy, New York, this farm includes a zipline and a haunted cornmaze, which makes picking the perfect pumpkin twice as fun!


If pumpkin picking isn’t for you, then you might want to celebrate the fall season with a nice apple picking getaway. And, you might as well visit the oldest U-pick orchard in New York State for the real deal. Hicks Orchard is located on 18 Hicks Road, Granville, New York, and features an apple barn. (Don’t mind me as I drool over the thought of some fresh Apple Cider from this place.)


If hiking up mountains is your cup-of-tea, then you will love hiking to this beautiful two-staged waterfall. Kaaterskill Falls is located in the eastern Catskill Mountains and is popular for its ample trail selection. The two cascades are one of the highest waterfalls in New York at 260 feet. Can you say, “Instagram-worthy?”



If despite this quarantine madness, exploring the great outdoors is still not your thing, then you might consider a visit to this beautiful museum. Let your mind wander while exploring its unique exhibits. You might stumble upon the Jabbur Gallery and a 3,000 year old mummy, Ankhefenmut, a priest and sculptor in the Temple of Mut! Not interested in leaving your dorm room or home? You can tour an exhibit virtually here.


Empire State Plaza

If taking pictures of nice buildings and infrastructure delights you, then you can’t live in New York State’s Capital Region without visiting the notorious Empire State Plaza. The alluring futuristic landscape combined with its historic charm makes for magazine-quality photos. Located in the heart of downtown Albany, New York, the Plaza is something you don’t want to miss! (Don’t forget to bring your camera.)


Lark Street

If taking a walk in a hip-Albany neighborhood is your #weekendmood, then Lark Street is the place for you. This funky Albany hotspot includes numerous restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and more! So, grab your mask and take a stroll down Lark Street, and discover this neighborhood gem.


Washington park

Have you and your friends been eager to eat somewhere off campus? Then consider a picnic in Washington Park. With a picturesque bright green lawn, this 81-acre park created during the 1870s-80s, holds ten tennis courts, basketball courts, and a playground — not to mention plenty of space for a group picnic. You do not want to miss this spot!


Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail

If your ideal weekend getaway is only a bike ride away, then you will love pedaling to this trail.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery of  the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers as you bike, walk, or run along the trail. The Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway is a bike-hike trail connecting Albany and Schenectady Counties, and it is part of the state-wide Canalway Trail that follows the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany.

— By Glesaidys Eve ’23, forensic psychology major at Saint Rose

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