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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

Author: Irene Kim

Art history students take the Getty Challenge to recreate artworks at home

Students in Professor Theresa Flanigan’s Spring 2021 Introduction to Art History and Visual Literacy class took the Getty Museum Challenge to recreate works of art they studied, using objects and materials found in their personal environments. Students demonstrated their art historical knowledge by describing the key features in their chosen artworks and explaining how their recreations emulated or transformed these…

Flex MBA class in session

The Saint Rose Flex MBA: An In-Person Feel No Matter What Format Students Choose

  When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down life as we knew it in New York state and sent most students off campus in March 2020, Saint Rose’s Flex MBA program continued without a hitch. As originally set up in Fall 2019, the program allows students to attend classes remotely via livestream, asynchronously via recorded video, or conventionally on campus. COVID-19…

Patrick Jokiel

Saint Rose Faculty Showcase Creativity During Remote Learning

When we realized that all of our students would have to move immediately to remote learning, we asked a few Saint Rose faculty to share some coursework they created to teach students who are no longer in the classroom. From a peaceful walk in the woods, to a step-by-step chemistry lab experiment, to impressive drum licks, the content they created…

person looking at social media icons on electronic tablet

Missing Your Classmates? Care for Yourself, and Reach Out to Them!

By Jacqueline Bove G’20, clinical mental health counseling Many students are separated from their classmates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not being able to see classmates and professors can contribute to feelings of isolation and social distress. However, there are many coping skills and strategies that can be used to help students manage COVID-19 stressors. Take care of yourself Some…

student biting pencil while looking at computer

How (Not) to Manage Stress Under COVID-19

by Patricia Weldon, MSW, Ph.D., assistant professor of social work Under “normal” (pre-COVID-19) circumstances, now would be a stressful time for most students – taking leave of one’s classmates, moving off campus, getting ready for summer jobs. This time around, we’re having to deal with a lot more than usual: missing our friends, not going through the normal end-of-year process…