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Campus Shenanigans…Or Something Like That

Did you know that Saint Rose has about 40 on campus clubs that are overseen by the Student Association? Well neither did I before coming to campus and truly immersing myself with these amazing opportunities. However there are even more clubs/activities that you can do on campus that aren’t under the Student Association like one of our amazing dance teams, KIM (Knights in Motion).

The first day I stepped foot onto this campus I was already thinking about all of these activities and since I literally did everything in high school I had plans on becoming very involved at Saint Rose as well. As I believe I mentioned before, I am a part of ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) mentor-ship program. This is one of the Pathways that students can opt into as first year or transfer students and it opens the doors to so many remarkable experiences and future opportunities. ALANA is more than the beginning of school though like other Pathways, it goes across the full academic year, helping you become a successful student here at The College of Saint Rose.

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Well…my passion for involvement actually began back in July when I had my orientation with the phenomenal orientation leader, Maria Hartz! She encouraged me to look into some clubs which she thought I would enjoy and I am so glad she did. Then ALANA just reinforced this and my wonderful Resident Assistant, Alexander Wheeler brought me to the first Student Association meeting where I found my place on this campus. The first weeks are the best times to look into all of these organizations, to all of you incoming students! I am now even more involved than I would have ever expected.

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I am a member of Student Association under the Harvest Fest/Rose Rock committee, Student Events Board under the Semi-Formal committee and the current SA representative, SA Student Task Force, and Identity where I serve as their representative as well, Intercultural Council where I sit representing SA and Identity. I also dedicate some of my time to volunteer with the Office of Intercultural Leadership at Albany High School and I was hired as a Commuter Assistant under the the Academic Success Center working side by side with my peers and the Director of First Year Experience, Darcey Kemp!

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Now remember, I chose to be so involved and it really isn’t for everyone. I just have to say that you can go anywhere and do anything with the various clubs/activities Saint Rose really has to offer, you will never know where or what they could lead to in your future. See you next week StRose!

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