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Education Abroad: Florence Edition

Ciao friends!

I can hardly believe that I have been away for about two and a half months! With that being said, I’d like to take a little time to thank my mom and dad for supporting me during this experience. Thank you for being my rocks, support system, and home! Miss you guys! Remember everyone; the power of gratitude is life changing!

As the semester winds down, I hope everyone reading this is thriving, enjoying new adventures, and some beautiful weather. It’s around 70 degrees here in Florence, which means only one thing; spring fever. This phenomenon can only be described as the omnipresent force stopping me from completing this textbook reading.

You may be wondering, textbook reading? He goes to class?

If so, I can heartily answer that yes, I do! I have been so caught up in letting you in on my travels and the thrill of the adventure that the academic aspect of study abroad has seemed mysteriously unmentioned.

Classes in Florence are much, much different than classes in America. Each class only meets once a week for about two hours. During this lecture time we catch up, take notes, and relentlessly say, “It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve been in this class.” However, class isn’t where the magic happens. Professors in Italy provide a plethora of strict required reading, assignments, and papers. There are few reminders about due dates because education is a much more independent, personal experience in Italy. Attending classes in Florence has been an eye-opening, insightful perspective on the educational system in Europe.

With that being said, when you decide to study abroad, make sure you take classes that spark your interests, engage your consciousness, and inspire your creativity! I can proudly say that studying abroad has fostered incredible personal, spiritual, and academic growth in my life.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to explore Italy, Switzerland, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris, Barcelona, and Greece. From my perspective, travel seriously is the best form of education!

Best friends reunite one last time in Florence, Italy!

Best friends reunite one last time in Florence, Italy!

So get out there, get planning, and see this beautiful world for all that it has to offer!

Good luck on finals, enjoy your time at Saint Rose, and radiate positivity and good vibes in everything that you do!

Ciao for now,


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