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Get to Know Saint Rose: Meet Dr. Galen Gomes

Get to Know Saint Rose is a weekly Q&A with a Saint Rose staff member to help our students learn more about the resources available to them while they’re here.

Meet Dr. Galen Gomes from the Office of Intercultural Leadership!

Dr. Galen Gomes, Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

Fast Facts:

Name: Galen Gomes Sr., Ed.D. (AKA Dr. G)

What he does: Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Where he works: Office of Intercultural Leadership

How long he’s been at Saint Rose: 11 months

His alma mater: SUNY Albany (undergraduate), Boston College (graduate), and St. John Fisher College (doctorate)

Fun fact: Galen loves Disney movies and proudly sings along to all the songs! 🎶

Get to know Galen Gomes:

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of the job is assisting students in all the areas that they seek me out for. I also love collaborating on programming with our students.

What’s something you want students to know about you?

My role continually expands as I work to meet students at their point of need utilizing my extensive background and prior experiences.

If you could give students one piece of advice to carry them through their time here, what would it be? 

College is the period of time where you will learn the most about your adult self in such a concentrated period of time. Take full advantage of the opportunity you’ve been afforded to learn and grow knowing college is one of the last times you will be able to do so and still be supported by an extensive community, so be bold in your efforts.

You have held and are going to hold various positions in your lives, and those positions each have their own spheres of influence. If we are in agreement that positionality leads to influence, then the question isn’t so much whether you are going to be of influence, but what positions are you going to hold?

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