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Getting To Know You

So if there’s an amazing thing about Saint Rose that I love more than anything else it’s my fellow students. It took me a month or so to find a few people I really clicked with, for a while I was worried I wouldn’t find anyone.

Then I met Maggie, James and eventually Jordan. These three keep me going even when the temptation is high to put off my homework and nap my day away. I guess I just need to be surrounded by creative people and with James being a music major and Maggie and Jordan being art majors they never cease to liven up my day.

As I have gotten to know these three they also broadened my horizons. Each of them has taken me out of my normal routine and shown me pieces of them that if I hadn’t taken time and care in knowing them, I would never had experienced.  James insists I go to a lot of the concerts on campus and enjoy the music,  and without him constantly humming it I wouldn’t know the middle of Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain“.  He expands my taste in music, even though sometimes my musical taste buds need a little convincing. Jordan takes me to the far off lands they call Brubacher Hall and even Massachusetts to see her friends and family. I get to see the majority of the freshman class outside of my Golub bubble and eat a home cooked meal. She surrounds me with fresh faces and memories.

Now Maggie, my other artist friend, has begun to use me as a canvas by giving me Henna tattoos. Not only do I get to look at beautiful art but I also got to learn about other cultures!

Amazing free hand Henna design by Saint Rose student Maggie Avolio on my shoulder! Waiting for the mud to dry is the hardest part!!! (photo credit: Elizabeth Perez)

My friends keep me rounded and learning outside of the classroom, comment with things your friends have opened your eyes to!

What do you think?

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