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Girls Rule

You’ve all heard the saying “Girls Rule, Boys Drool”. That saying is a little all too real for me sometimes. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been very outgoing and always willing to offer my take on things (from pre-school on, pretty much).

Sometimes too mom would have to tear the phone from my hands!

Sometimes too outgoing…my mom would have to tear the phone from my hands!


My mother got a job at an all girl’s Catholic high school when I was very young and I always dreamed of going there. When it came time, I went off to Our Lady of Mercy High School, now Our Lady of Mercy School For Young Women, leaving my friends behind and starting fresh. There was such a different feel to this school. The girls were so fun and friendly, and didn’t seem to be bothered at all that there were no boys around. I quickly adjusted and made my way from 7th grade all the way to 12th grade at my all girls high school. People always told me that Mercy would give me unbelievable tools that I wouldn’t understand until college. The beauty of an all girls school is, well, no boys! Not that you fine gentlemen aren’t valued, but the environment that I was provided transformed me into a strong, outgoing, leader. There was no fear of embarrassment of looking too smart if I raised my hand or focus on looking good for the cute boy in class. The focus was friendships and education- something a young woman should value most at that age. From the several bonding experiences on our Mission Days or Class Retreats, my friends grew into sisters. With only 123 young women in my class it was so easy to get to know all of them and to find something special in everyone. I felt truly blessed on graduation day to be voted the Class Speaker.



But I still hadn’t realized what tools I had been blessed with. On the first day of classes my freshman year of college I discovered them. Not a single girl raised their hand on the first day. My bold mouth and no-shame attitude made me not even think twice about raising my hand. If I had a question I was going to ask it. If I knew the answer, I was going to answer it. I didn’t even notice that there were boys in the classroom. I was focused on my education and making sure that I was going to succeed. This post is not to bash co-ed high schools, but I know that without Mercy High School I would not be the strong woman I am today. My life’s priorities are exactly where they need to be with my education at the #1 slot. Saint Rose has continued to encourage me to use my tools, express my opinions, and strive to be and do my best. I am lucky enough to be as blessed as I have been in my life with all of the opportunities I have been handed and all that I have worked hard for and earned.

What do you think?

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