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Tag: Student life

You’ve Made Your Deposit. Now What? 

***Warning! This post is for the smarties who already made their deposit.*** Hi there, you Golden Knight, you. Welcome! We’re so excited to have you here, officially, at Saint Rose. The big stuff is over: you found a school, you applied, you got in, you decided to go, and you made your deposit! So now what? We know your summer…

Good to know: Saint Rose improv troupe unpacks crate of surprises

A man goes to his doctor and is dismayed to learn he has a bad case of Bert and Ernie. “Oh no,” he replies. “My Grandpa had that!” “Remember,” his doctor notes, “I am beautiful in every single way.” The exchange continues and makes about as much sense as an earlier one, in which Britney Spears, a janitor and a…

Goals for the Year (Strose Goals)

As the upcoming semester rears its head once again, I cannot help but think of my sophomore campaign and how “successful” it was. You might have noticed the quotations, well as Hannah Montana, aka Miley Cyrus, would say, “Nobody’s perfect” and neither am I. I made a lot of mistakes and perhaps I’ve actually learned from them. I took some…