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Golden Knight Spotlight: Danielle Dumas

Golden Knight Spotlight is a student-athlete profile series run by Alexander Lawrence ’18 in coordination with Golden Knights Athletics staff.

Danielle Dumas (right) and her fellow teammate Kristen Cabana (left)

Danielle Dumas (right) and her fellow teammate Kristen Cabana (left)

Danielle Dumas

Sport: Cheerleading (Base/Back-spot)
Cohoes, NY
Class Year:
Major: Psychology
Favorite study spot:
2nd floor of the library
Favorite food: I love a lot of different foods. Today I’d say grilled cheese is my favorite.
One interesting fact about yourself: I went to Walker-Stalker convention


What set SR apart from other schools: “I liked the small class sizes they have here. Saint Rose wasn’t a big school and I liked that since it was so small here, I knew professors would know my name.”

Why SR Cheerleading:
“I didn’t plan to be on the cheer team here. I was nervous to try out because I knew they had a good cheer team. I liked that it wasn’t a huge cheer team and I just really love cheerleading.”


Most memorable moment or game: “Probably my last competition in high school during my senior year. It was a huge competition and it was the first time everything with our routine went right. We did very well at that competition and it was a great feeling after all the work we put into it.”

How you got involved:
“I was nine-years-old when I got involved with cheerleading. I did CYO cheer for basketball. When I was younger I also did soccer and softball. My sister Haleigh did softball and my mother did soccer, basketball, and softball.”


Do you have a saying or motto you live by: N/A


Where you draw your inspiration from: “My siblings are my biggest inspiration to me.”


How do you prepare before a game: “I like to do make-up with my friends and get excited to cheer on game day. It is always fun hanging out and bonding with the girls.”


What are you looking to accomplish this year: “This semester is over, but we did well throughout the season. We wanted to finish out our season strong. Now I’m looking forward to finishing up my first year of college.”

Danielle and her sisters Hannah (left) and Haleigh (right)

Danielle and her sisters Hannah (left) and Haleigh (right)



My Comments/ takeaway from the interview: Danielle Dumas is a first-year psychology major at The College of Saint Rose. She wasn’t expecting to be on the cheer team when she first arrived at Saint Rose, but has enjoyed the ride with her team. “I was overwhelmed in the beginning because I knew the cheer team here was very good. I was worried I wouldn’t fit in, but the team adjusted and I fit in well. We have improved a lot since we first started and I couldn’t be more content. Everyone’s always willing to do more and go out of their way to benefit the team. We’re only losing one senior, so I think we’re in good shape for next season,” Dumas said. “On the mat, my teammates have helped me become a big part of the group and I’ve been able to fill in more when needed as opposed to the beginning when I was more nervous. They pushed me a lot harder in practice to be a better cheerleader. Off the mat, my teammates have helped me come out of my shell and open up and I really love this team,” Dumas said of her teammates. Danielle has been grateful to have been blessed with such great teammates. She’s seeing all her hard work payoff. Her spontaneous attitude has been appreciated on the team and during the interview she was very willing to talk to me about her passion for cheerleading. She is a very sweet and outgoing young woman and I can’t wait to see what Danielle brings to the team next semester. Congrats on a great season!!! #GoldBlooded #GoldenKnightSpotlight


The 2015-16 Saint Rose Cheerleading team

The 2015-16 Saint Rose Cheerleading team

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