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Good to know: The American City, in the academy

What’s not to love about a freshman course – ok six courses – that allow students to study The Brooklyn Bridge by walking the Brooklyn Bridge, camera in hand?

Sixty-three freshman at any one time at at The College of Saint Rose are enrolled in a program that lets them study immigration, child labor, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, Tammany Hall, machine politics, prohibition, the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Harlem Renaissance, civil rights, police corruption and yellow journalism.

“They get to talk about riots and corruption and brothels – why wouldn’t they be interested?” jokes Risa Faussette, associate professor of history and political science, coordinating The American City, the new year-long learning experience for first year students.

Introduced in the fall, The American City invites freshmen to examine New York and other cities through the lens of sociology, history, philosophy, political science, composition and literature – three courses at a time.

Along the way, they work with a team of professors dedicated to seeing that they develop the analytical thinking and written and oral communication skills they will need in college and beyond. They do it by moving from the bricks and mortar to the less, well, concrete themes the world of a city presents.




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