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Hello readers! Welcome to my blog!

Hello Saint Rose!

My name is Antonia Valentine and I graduated from Saint Rose in May 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Public Communications. Deciding that I haven’t had enough of college, I decided to return this fall to pursue my MBA here. Transitioning from an undergraduate student to a graduate student in a couple months was somewhat of a challenge. Some big changes happened between May and August. Mainly, I actually have a degree now! But I also moved out of the Saint Rose dorms and decided to commute from my home in Schenectady. I also graduated a year early, so most of my friends that I entered in with freshmen year are seniors this year (which makes me feel old!). Most importantly, I had to adjust to life as a graduate student, which is somewhat different than life as an undergrad.

Choosing to come back to Saint Rose for graduate school was an easy choice. I came to Saint Rose as a freshman in Fall 2008. The Massry Center for the Arts just opened and plans for further expansion were already underway. During my second year, CCIM (Center for Communications and Interactive Media) opened its doors and the main dining hall had undergone a major facelift that summer. At the beginning of my senior year, the Christian Plumeri Spots Complex opened. Clearly, Saint Rose had grown significantly over my three years as an undergraduate student. I wanted to be part of a college that does not stay the same, but a dynamic institution that grows and adapts to changes. Sure enough, at the start of the Fall 2011 semester, construction for the new residence hall is underway and construction for the Huether School of Business is beginning too. When I talk to Saint Rose alumni, they all say the same thing: “Every time I drive down Madison Avenue, I’m amazed to see how much the college has grown!”

I’m also amazed at how Saint Rose has expanded throughout the past several years. I think it’s a great time to be a Saint Rose student. Obviously I couldn’t stay away for long—I came back for graduate school! Now that I’m a Saint Rose blogger, I hope my experiences and advice will be useful to you. I know from my experiences, it’s helpful to talk with someone who has gone through the same situation as you, whether it’s the same class, major, residence hall, sports team, or even college! If you want to share your thoughts, questions, or need some advice, comment below!

Here’s to another great year at Saint Rose!

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