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Bringing It Home – The Saint Rose Blog

So, blogging…

Hello! I’m incredibly pleased to welcome you to my blog! I know what you are thinking, “Who are you and why do I care about your blog?” 

For starters, my name is Colin Ruggiero and its a pleasure to meet you here in the blogosphere. I am a freshman here at The College of Saint Rose. My major is Music Education. As you could probably guess, I LOVE music. My favorite instrument is the electric bass, however, I love singing too and I’m currently  learning the double bass (which is a whole lot of fun!). If music has taught me anything, it has shown me the joy in variety, which is why I am into so many other things besides music. So my blog will not solely be about music. I love so many different things. Why you may care about my blog has to do with my new found love, Saint Rose. My lifestyle has changed entirely since coming to Saint Rose over a month ago. My hometown is about an hour south of Albany in a very rural area of Dutchess County, so the urban environment that is Albany is totally different and exciting. The transition from high school to college (while filled with stress and pre-empitve nerves) was the easiest transition I have ever made! Every freshman you meet is

  • Just as nervous
  • Just as new here in school
  • Just as ready to be your friend

In high school, I found people hanging out with the people who were into the same things they were and that was it. Cliches. Here at Saint Rose, one of my best friends is a Criminal Justice major, I have great friends who are athletes, Communications Sciences and Disorders majors, Graphic Design majors, and the list goes on.

There is really only one way to fully understand the Saint Rose environment and that is to come soak it in for yourself. There are plenty of things here waiting specifically for you; answers for your questions, food (for your thought and consumption), and smiles to calm your nerves!

What do you think?

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