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Late Knight Presents: Murder Mystery Dinner

Well it’s that time of the year again. Finals are soon approaching, papers are due, and the stress levels are enormous.-insert fun events for all here!-

Late Knight is a committee on campus devoted to creating fun events on campus! We host events once a month on weekends to get the students more involved, and to give them a stress free place to have fun and not think about work for a little. Trust me, it’s a really nice break from reality!

Last night, The Late Knight Committee put on Murder at the Four Deuces in Saint Joseph’s Auditorium! It was a deadly night for all! Students got to act as someone who they were not, learning lies and truths from the “characters” in the room. Throughout the night, we held 2 games of twenties trivia to keep with the theme! Everyone there got a chance to win one of two $25 gift cards to Regal Movie Theater, and whoever guessed the correct murderer was entered in a raffle for our grand prize- game of Clue and a Scooby Doo Murder Mystery, because really, in this generation, who didn’t grow up with Scooby Doo?

The Board outside of the Student Affairs Office for the Murder Mystery Dinner!
Photo taken from Genevieve Diller

Dressing up was highly encouraged, and a lot of people did, indeed, wear their 20s themed flapper dresses and “gangster” suits! Everyone really looked quite dapper, solving the mystery and enjoying food from Paesans.

My Roommate Kaylee and I in our 1920s Garb Before the Event!

My Roommate Kaylee and I in our 1920s Garb Before the Event!

Late Knight Events host some of my favorite events on campus! Look out for our next upcoming event, Kraft Knight! You will get a chance to make free gifts for your family and friends, as well as enter for a chance to win a stuff a bear! I have 2 already, and I love them both! They even come with their own certificate. Too cute.

Anyway! I hope to see you all at Kraft Knight and at next years Late Knight Presents: A Murder Mystery Dinner!

To give you an idea of what happened, here’s a video!

Murder Mystery Dinner

Also, HUGE thanks to Michelle (we co-hosted and planned this event together. She is WONDERFUL!! <3) and the Late Knight Committee for helping make this happen, and to everyone who came last night and made it a success. You all were GREAT actors! I was highly impressed!

If you were there and have any comments on how to improve the night for next year and if you would be interested in another event like this, please leave it in a comment! 🙂

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