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Life after St Rose

Around this time last year, my friend Ashley expressed to me how she wasn’t sure what was going to happen next year. She was a senior at the time and was trying to figure out what her next step would be after graduation. We discussed some options, worst case scenarios, first choices, and back up plans. As we talked, I thought to myself wow, I’m glad I know what I’ll be doing with my life after I graduate. Boy was I wrong!!

There are currently a bunch of different ways I can go. I can stay at St. Rose for grad school, go to another school for grad work, look for jobs around the capital region, in other places in the US, or even world wide. It’s a lot to think about, especially with this economy. But this weekend, I saw that you never know when an opportunity can come your way an be the perfect fit.

That same friend, Ashley, is now employed and starting her own program: Albany City Life.  This program will target 6th 7th and 8th graders in Albany and give them a safe space and group of friends and mentors to rely on. This weekend she had a benefit called NOPA (night of performing arts) to tell the community about the program. She had a pretty good turn out, I must say. A majority of the performers were from Saint Rose. It was awesome to see that the St. Rose community continued to support her even though she doesn’t come to campus every day anymore.

I guess the moral of this story is that you never know when an opportunity will present itself. I suppose other graduating seniors and I should all keep our options open and stay hopeful that we, too will land an awesome job.

What do you think?

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