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Where does the time go?

(photo credit: Raven Short)

Well I can’t believe I am counting down the days until my graduation. So, how do I, Raven Short, spend my last days as a Saint Rose student you ask?  Well I don’t spend it in the class room. I know you are thinking…. WHAT, REALLY? I have been fortunate enough to have an internship at Pierce Communications, a PR Agency.

It feels so good to actually apply all my learning to a real life setting. I attend meetings with clients, prospective clients, press conferences and award dinners. I write press releases, pitches and research projects. I am a young working professional!

Looking back on my college experience, everything that I did starting as a freshman, helped me amount to who I am today. Preparing my schedule with more than 12 credits a semester allowed me a cushion to relax as a senior. One of the biggest helps toward receiving my internship was NETWORKING, NETWORKING and NETWORKING (As Allison mentions here). My advice is to go to events within your field, meet people, shake hands and show the people who you are. One of my secrets that I am going to share with you is…………the follow up email. After the event, send a friendly email thanking the individual for their time and suggest a possible meeting. This shows you care, you’re appreciative and you are interested.

(photo credit: Raven Short)

As a senior graduating with my Bachelor of Arts degree from The College of Saint Rose in May, I am eager, hopeful and excited for the future.


(photo credit: Raven Short)


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