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Classy Classes

The College of Saint Rose offers hundreds of classes to their students every semester. After taking over 90 credits of classes thus far, it’s safe to say that I have come across a few classes that have become my favorites. Surprisingly, being a Communications major, my favorite class that I have ever taken was actually a history class!

In my previous post, you all learned that I attended an all girls high school. Because of that, I’ve always had a hint of feminist in me. I have always been a little passionate about “girl power” and women’s history. Naturally, when I saw that Saint Rose offered a course called “Women in US History” that would fulfill my Historical Knowledge Liberal Education requirement, I was all over it. I finally got into this class my second semester of my sophomore year. I figured it must be good if I got closed out of it the other three semesters!

The combination of an incredible teacher and a subject that you are passionate about, really is the key recipe for an amazing experience. It was one of those classes where I may not have received the most stellar of grades in, but I came out of it with more knowledge than I ever have with any other classes. The professor really had a passion for women and a passion to provide her students with knowledge about it. It makes a difference, and you can tell, when a teacher is truly devoted to teaching about something they really enjoy. I learned so much about several monumental events for women in history from Sacagawea up to women in advertising today, we learned about every important detail regarding the progress women have made throughout US history. We only had one male in our class which made things very interesting. It was really cool to get a male’s perspective on things regarding women in history.

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Overall, this was my favorite course. Everyone will have a course (or a few!) that really sticks out in their brain as something that impacted their life positively. I have a greater knowledge about something I’m passionate about in my life. For me, that’s an amazing feeling. I know that a great teacher and a great topic is an amazing thing and really goes a long way. When you find that class you’ll know it!

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