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Need Gift Ideas??

Gift-Giving Season is upon us! What are you giving this year?

Look no further! Here is a fun and helpful list of things that are cheap, fun, and easy enough to do to get something for either your parents, friends, and even that special someone for the Holiday Season!

  1. Personalized Gifts – Although these can be thought as cheesy, people really do appreciate personalized gifts. These can range from ornaments, jars, mugs, or anything else that would mean something to the person you’re giving it to. This year, I gave all of my friends at The College of Saint Rose ornaments with their name on it, a giant heart, and my name, so they knew who gave it to them 🙂 It’s a nice gift to say “I appreciate you and care about you enough to make this gift for you!”
  2. Homemade Gifts This almost goes along with the first one, but goes a step further – this involves making things from scratch, like knitted hats and scarves (something I specialize in), baking cookies, or anything else you can think of. This sames the same message about caring, and it gives you something more to do. Best of all, it’s usually fun to do!
  3. A Mix Tape! – Well, we don’t use tapes anymore, but we do use CD’s!! Make a CD collection of songs that you like, that you think they’ll like, and anything and everything in between! I always make my Mama a CD, and she always enjoys it! Get onto iTunes or something like it and get cracking!
  4. Pictures!! – Something that I always love and cherish are pictures! Pictures always say a thousand words; the capture memories of fun times had and keep them alive forever (yes, I’m being cheesy, but it’s still a good idea). Try giving a photo album of pictures of the good times you’ve had with your special someone, or even a picture frame of you and your best friend. These little things make a big difference.
  5. Calendar – But not just any calendar – make a calendar filled with pictures of you and the person you’re giving it to! It’s a great idea that shows how much you care about someone, and it’s something that will be appreciated all year round!
  6. Concerts!!!! – When all else fails, take that special someone out for a night on the town! There are many concerts going on during the Holiday Season and beyond! Maybe you can go catch a viewing of Handel’s The Messiah, or perhaps head over to your local theater to see a holiday show, like “A Christmas Carol“, or even to the movies and see something you’ve both been looking forward too, like Les Miserables (of which I am going to see ON CHRISTMAS DAY I AM SO EXCITED). You can even take them to a concert after the season ends; Saint Rose will be hosting Premiere Performances throughout the winter and into the spring, and I’m sure your special someone would love to see one of those!

Just some of the gifts I plan on giving this Christmas season!! Giving gifts is my favorite thing to do!!!

I hope these gift ideas get you started and help you this Holiday Season! Remember, though, that the giving of gifts and the spirit of Christmas lead all into one idea – loving one another. Remember most of all to tell the ones you love that you do, indeed, love them, and remember to never take them for granted. Whatever you celebrate this season, make it something that will last throughout the entire year.

If you would like some more gift ideas, check out this link: Fifty Homemade Gift Ideas.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And have a Happy New Year!

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