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Professor Shout-Out! Meet Dr. Amina Eladdadi

Dr. Amina Eladdadi, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, has been with Saint Rose since 2009.


Here is a photo of Professor Eladdadi with her mother in Casablanca, Morocco

Here is a photo of Professor Eladdadi with her mother in Casablanca, Morocco

Where did you attend school?

I attended Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) and The College of Saint Rose for my undergraduate studies in Computer Science with a minor in Business/Finance,then Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) for my graduate studies in Applied Mathematics (with a concentration in cancer modeling). Before coming to the US in 1993, I attended Caddi Ayyad University in Marrakesh, Morocco, for two years where I majored in Engineering and Mathematics.

Where have you been employed?

I worked at RPI as a teaching assistant in Mathematics, and at Siena as an adjunct professor in Computer Science and then visiting assistant professor in Quantitate Business for one year. My first job was math & physics tutor at HVCC. I also worked as a salesperson, customer service representative, and bookkeeper at Loretta Lane Bridal Gown in Latham (no longer exists). I worked at Price Chopper and Walmart as a cashier. I tried my luck with Burger King! I also worked as a Data entry specialist for a couple of Tax seasons with NY State.

Did you always want to teach? 

Always!! I think I was as born to be a teacher -Math teacher to be more precise. Since I was a little girl growing up I always admired my teachers and wanted to be like them standing in front of the class lecturing and writing formulas on the black board with white and colorful chalk.

Highlight of academic career, thus far:

My main one that I am always proud of – is to simply make students like or at least appreciate mathematics. Mathematics can be very intimidating at times to most of us as it has always being the “big elephant in the room” for both majors and non-majors alike, be it in America or the rest of the world! – if I can be that “small” change in a student’s life, I am sure that will make a “big” difference. I like the famous quote by an anonymous author “ to teach is to change a life forever” – and that’ what I set out to do with teaching mathematics.

Favorite Color? Crimson Red

Favorite place to eat in the Capital Region? My Home! I am a Mediterranean, I love to cook!

Favorite TV show(s)? 

Downton Abbey – now that the 4th season is over, I can’t wait for Mr. Selfridge. I like to watch all the Masterpiece Classic & Theater at PBS whenever I can. I also like to watch the Good Wife on CBS.

What is the last book you read?

What is the last book you read? Just finished Inferno by Dan Brown (I can’t wait for the third movie – if any – featuring Robert Langdon by Tom Hanks), and the Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling– it’s a nice read – but nothing like the magic world of Harry Potter!!

If you could have one superpower, what would you choose?

Fly to heavens and back to earth and be able to describe what’s in between!


Good Question! I have so much fun teaching Math to Liberal Arts Students – they first come in with a “Hate-Math Attitude”, and I use all my “magical power” to turn that into a – “WOW” – math is fun after all!!!

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