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Project 70 – My Metrohm USA Internship Pt. 2

At the end of every month, I help out in the warehouse at Metrohm USA to organize and ship out the excess amounts of customer shipping orders. Though I have been in familiar situations, this one has been the most taxing, physically and mentally, by far. I spent much of the time walking back and forth through the warehouse while sorting the orders. Because my coworkers are very skilled, the job to monitor and control package arrivals was very productive and efficient. On my part, I saw a little bit of myself in all of my coworkers: we each carry convictions through our work ethic. I have found an ideal work environment, where personalities match allowing for natural flow. Interning at Metrohm has elevated my expectations when it comes to completing a task. The work at Metrohm has also boosted my self-confidence, especially in my own abilities and aptitude. I am that much more prepared for new challenges the world offers. This week, I am back in the warehouse to take on some lessons on how to use a forklift. This is a great opportunity to gain some experience for my upcoming job in the fall. At UPS, I will have to use a forklift at work. Thanks to Metrohm, I will have already gained some experience to help me get my work done effectively and be productive in this position.


Warehouse 3.1EVE

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