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Radically Adventurous- Cynthia Crudale

Radically Adventurous (The Resident Assistants of Saint Rose)
Cynthia Crudale


Your Name and Location: Cynthia Crudale – 972 Madison
Year and Major: Senior – Chemistry Adolescence Education
Home town: Wallkill, NY


Volunteering with my staff last year.

Reason for becoming an RA: I wanted to help students get the best experience they could get out of college. Saint Rose has so much to offer and I wanted to help people find their niche.

Favorite thing about the job: The people you meet through the job and the opportunities we are given. There are so many quality people on staff and I have so much fun with them every single day.

Most Memorable RA moment: I received a few letters from residents last year thanking me for various things and it meant so much to me to have been able to help them and be a part of their first year experience. It meant the world to me, honestly.

What people should know about RAs: We’re just like you! We have classes, clubs, practice, rehearsal. We are goofy and fun and silly sometimes and we like to laugh a whole lot!


Being filmed for Rules Of Runford

Favorite Albany Hangout: Thatcher Park. It’s so beautiful up there, and if you drive along the ridge at night, the whole Hudson Valley is lit up beautifully.

Favorite Late Night “Dorm Snack”: Goldfish. They’re my guilty pleasure.

Goal after Saint Rose: This is so scary to think about because it’s less than a year away! I hope to move to Connecticut and go to Grad School, hopefully get a job out there and live happily ever after.

Random “Fun” Fact: Just before my high school graduation I won a small scholarship I didn’t even enter into for playing the piano.

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