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Daydreaming Fodder

Daydreaming is something most people can admit to doing at least once a day. Daydreaming is admittedly something that I fall into on a much more frequent basis. With graduation approaching I have found that the idea of entering the work force has crept into my every thought, daydreams included. No longer do I daydream about random scenarios or worldly…

Hearst Challenge

The William Randolph Hearst Center for Communication and Interactive Media announces… TAKE THE HEARST CHALLENGE! New Contest Rewards Innovation~ Are you a creative person who likes to develop new ideas? Can you think of a better way to use technology or to share information with people? Would you like to be rewarded for your efforts? If so, enter the new…

What’s THAT supposed to mean??

Each country, region, and town has its own “lingo” that only the locals understand. Saint Rose is no exception. Here are some of the most commonly heard acronyms on campus: Bru- Brubacher Hall– one of our two freshman dorms CDTA- Capital District Transit Authority– our bus system in Albany, which Saint Rose students use for FREE! CCIM- William Randolph Herarst…