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Tips for Gaining Experience

Alright, so day in and day out we sit down in class, and our professors periodically preach to us about gaining experience in “your field” and to do it soon, because “it’s all about the resume,” right? So we hear this everyday and we think the same thing; “How the heck am I supposed to do that?” Well, it’s actually easier…

On The Hunt… for Jobs!

Something all college students have in common is this singular thought: “WHAT AM I DOING AFTER COLLEGE EEEK!” Don’t deny it, you know you’ve thought it. And that’s (from what I’ve been told) a completely rational thought to have when in college, and in life in general. We’re all scared about the future; whether it be about our career, our…

What do I wear? Interview attire and more!

Ever wonder what to wear to an interview? Me too. Obviously, I can’t wear my new Pink yoga leggings and chestnut classic tall UGGs. An evening gown is too much. So what’s appropriate? All questions that any of us would ask, especially when interviews are being conducted for holiday hiring soon! Don’t go looking like you’re business confused! Here are…