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The adventure continues

Hi everyone! This is Aideen, checking in from Antigua, Guatemala. With only a few days left on our service trip, we have been keeping busy with various activities.

At The School of Hope, we have been alternating between painting and spending time in the classroom with the children. It is amazing to see what a difference a couple coats of paint can make. This school deserves to look good for these hard working teachers, families, and most importantly the students because for most of them, this is their home and safe place.

Throughout the week, we got to go take turns to go to “vista hermosa.” This is a very steep hill where 30 percent of the students at The School of Hope live. Not only were we physically exhausted when we trekked up the hill, but we were emotionally torn to see the living conditions that some of the children that we have gotten to know and love go home to at the end of the school day. It took us approximately 50 minutes to walk about half way up the hill from the school; meaning that over 100 students at The School of Hope walk approximately one hour to school and back every day and somehow they still have the energy. To say this experience was eye-opening is an understatement.

Tuesday after school we went for a walking tour of Antigua where we got to see some beautiful ruins and churches. Wednesday after a day of painting, we got to go to a chocolate factory where we learned the process and made our own chocolate. We also celebrated Bridgette’s birthday! This trip has been amazing and we are sad that we only have a couple days left, but we are definitely going to make the most of it!

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