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Education for the Children

¡Hola! Greetings from Guatemala! Jessie Williams and Emily Torre here, checking in on our last full day at the School of Hope. Since our time here, we have gotten to build many amazing relationship with the students. We have all come to a consensus that the children here are absolute angels and deserve the world. Despite the hardships that they experience outside of the school, they continue to be full of life and happiness, and appreciate the simplest of things.We’ve shared our experiences here with our family and friends back home, and many of them have requested information about how they personally can help these children. So here it is… The School of Hope: Sponsorship Program. The sponsorship program accounts for two aspects of each individual child, that is assigned or chosen by the sponsor. The two aspects of the sponsorship program are food and education, giving us three different tiers of participation:1. Food $15/ month
2. Education $35/ month
3. Full (food and education) $50/ month

All three levels are incredibly appreciated. The school works very hard to provide balanced meals full of nutritional value. These meals keep the children full and energetic throughout the day, which is much appreciated as they don’t know when their next meal may be.

If you choose to sponsor a student, you have complete freedom to be as involved with your child as you’d like. For instance, a couple came to the school this week to visit their child; it was so sweet for the boy to see that his sponsors care so much about him. However, visiting your child is 100% not mandatory. Most sponsors keep in touch with their child by writing letters once every few months (the kids LOVE getting letters from their sponsors!). Some sponsors even send their child Christmas or birthday cards/gifts. Your child will also write you at least two letters a year to update you on them and to keep in touch.

This week, by seeing the sponsors visit their child, we truly saw first hand how wonderful the sponsorship program is and we are ecstatic that so many people have expressed interest in being a part of it. If anyone is interested, please search the Education for the Children Foundation to learn more about the organization or check out one of our earlier blog posts, by Aideen, speaking more in depth about the Foundation.
When you’re ready to take the first steps at enriching one of the incredible little lives that we’ve encountered while being here, please email Natalie, the Visitors and Volunteers Coordinator at

Thank you for following our life changing journey. We all look forward to returning to the United States and seeing our loved ones, but a piece of us will always remain here in Guatemala.

-Jessie and Emily

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