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The SEB provides the best medicine… comedian, Dan Adhoot!

If you had not heard or seen the sings, comedian Dan Adhootcame to Saint Rose this past Thursday, December 1st. He was a late due to the previous evening’s circumstances, but he apologized and explained himself to the crowd. He was forgiven with laughter.


Dan Adhoot is the second comedian to come to Saint Rose this semester! Those of us who have been provided with hours of laughter can thank the comics, but more importantly, the Saint Rose Student Events Board! The SEB provides the Saint Rose Community with a variety of experiences, activities, and forms of entertainment. From concerts to comedians, some of my most memorable nights at Saint Rose were organized by the SEB. Dan Adhoot was a hit here at Saint Rose, but don’t take my word for it. After the show, I asked a Saint Rose student for an interview.

Drew Fategoni-Jones is a freshman here at Saint Rose. He was kind enough to give me 10 minutes of his thoughts and time.

Question: Did you enjoy the show?

Drew: “Oh, he was so funny! He came prepared with a wide repertoire of jokes, but was also able to joke about the situation at hand.”

Question: Not every college has comedians coming to there school several times a semester, what do you think?

Drew: “I’ll answer with a familiar phrase, that’s the Saint Rose difference.”

Question: Do you know who put this show on and if you did, what would you say to them?

Drew: “I’m a part of the Student Events Board, but I didn’t work on this event. They did a very good job and picked an excellent person to come.”

Question: Do events like these, planned by the SEB, add to your college experience?

Drew: “Oh, definitely! It makes the whole experience more fun. The college experience is already fun but a comedian just makes everything better. Also, it helps take my mind off the stress from my work load.”

Question: There was already one comic here at Saint Rose this semester, did you see that show too?

Drew: “No, I didn’t. I wanted to but I couldn’t make it that night.”

Question: If the SEB brings another comic to our school, would you go see him or her perform?

Drew: “Definitely!”


Having attended the show myself and heard the roars of laughter from the audience, I think it is safe to say that many there could relate to Drew’s sentiments.

I would like to thank Dan Adhoot for giving us such a great show and once again, thank the Student Events Board for giving us a great time. People continue to debate to this day about the origin of one of the wisest quotes I have yet to hear, “Laughter is the best medicine” Drew and I are feeling better already!

What do you think?

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