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Columbus day weekend my parents made the journey to The College of Saint Rose with my dog, Brisco, and practically my whole floorcame out to the quad to see us reunite. Although I must admit this sounds insane, I have missed my dog very much and nearly everyone I talk to knows it. Because of this everyone kept asking me what time they should be outside to see what they called “the reuniting of Courtney and her beloved Brisco”. I was more than happy to tell them to be outside promptly at 4 and describe the scene I have played out over and over in my head.

Basically I thought there was going to be running, jumping, and crying out in the open for anyone walking by to see and I held no shame. If you have ever seen My Dog Skip perhaps it makes more sense, if you have not seen that movie I advise you to never watch it. Going away to college is stressful but leaving your dog behind is what really gets you.

With all this being said, in reality my dog was so overwhelmed that he decided not to remember me and just sat on the grass with a look of fear.

Did My Moment Really Just Get Ruined?

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