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The Weather Outside is Weather

It’s that time of year again where the semester seems to be winding down with only a couple weeks left. As we all greet the warm weather to indicate summer’s existence it becomes difficult to stay focused. It is important to remember that although our summer beach trips are imperative, so are our academics. Though it will be difficult to focus on anything other than the beach this summer, it is wise to remember that resources are available to keep you on track for next school year. The Career Center is open for appointments all summer if you’re hoping to get a resume critique or to continue your job search.

Three things you can do to maintain your motivation this summer:

  1. Make a list
    Write down things that you would like to accomplish over the summer whether they are road trips or resume add-ons. Make time for both fun and professional events this summer.


  2. Set specific dates for Dream Checks

This does not need to be an all-day event, but setting specific dates to re-do your resume and look into open positions for your dream job will only be beneficial to you. What are your dreams and goals? What do are some things you need to accomplish to help you get there? If you want to go sky-diving than do it; you can re-evaluate all of your plans on these specific dates you set for yourself this summer.

  1. Keep a journal

If you cannot seem to find time for your career plans and goals then write down ideas you have while on vacation so that you can come back to them when you’re ready to focus. If you’re at a restaurant with your family and the server happens to give you great advice – make sure you jot it down. Make connections and network wherever you may be.

-Courtney Pray

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