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The Weather Outside is Weather

It’s that time of year again where the semester seems to be winding down with only a couple weeks left. As we all greet the warm weather to indicate summer’s existence it becomes difficult to stay focused. It is important to remember that although our summer beach trips are imperative, so are our academics. Though it will be difficult to focus…

Be The Best Version of You

Interviews…the dreaded topic among professionals. You can be the most social person in your city and still be nervous about interviewing…it is natural to feel this way. Personally, I am very outgoing and never have a problem speaking to people, but interviews are a different story. I have listed seven tips on how to better your interview skills and I…

Education Expo

Teacher?          School Counselor?      School Psychologist? Administrator?            Speech Language Pathologist? If any one of these careers sound like your future and you will be certified by August 2015, then I encourage you to be a part of EdExpo! EdExpo offers the opportunity for students to network with employers in the field of education. The EdExpo Pre-Registration RSVP deadline…