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What’s on your keychain?

If you’re a Saint Rose student, you know you have to carry your keys and ID card with you everywhere. Your ID card is like your pass into most buildings on campus, your meal card, and your pass into your residence hall (if you live on campus). Students must also carry their keys with them wherever they go. For resident students, it’s your room key. For commuter students, it’s your car key.

So what’s on your keychain?

I carry my Saint Rose ID and other identification in my Vera Bradley identification holder.

Pretty, isn’t it? I’ve had it for over a year now, so it’s dirty from bringing it everywhere with me on campus. However, having an ID holder helps you keep track of your precious student ID. I’ve had the same ID card my entire time at Saint Rose and have not lost it once thanks to my fancy ID holders!

When I was a resident student, I carried my dorm key in my ID holder. Now as a commuter student, I carry my car keys on a usual keychain.

As you can see, my keychain not only holds my car keys but my house keys, rewards club cards from some restaurants and stores, and a handy flashlight. I find that keeping some of my most-used rewards club cards on my keychain actually makes me use them more often than carrying them in my wallet. That’s why my Panera, Rite-Aid and New York & Company rewards cards are on my keychain. Also, having a flashlight on your keychain can be really helpful. I’m sure we’ve all stumbled at our car door or house door at night as we try to find the right key and unlock the door.

So, what do you carry on your keychain? Let me know in the comments below!

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