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Your Ultimate Study Abroad Guide

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Ciao! Let’s talk about study abroad. Study abroad seems to be a beautiful Faberge egg on our campus. It’s a buzzword. It looks beautiful. It’s elusive. Everyone wants to go, but do you know what it takes to get overseas? The task is initially daunting.

Have no fear; I’m here to help.

I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Florence for Spring, 2015. I haven’t gone yet, however, it’s taken a copious amount of time, energy, and trials to get where I am right now! I have my whole adventure in store and I’m stoked to be able to share my experiences with you.

You may be thinking “why trust this kid, he only has one blog post.” Well, my friends and I have cracked the study abroad code. Eight of my closest friends will be overseas next semester. This volume of people studying overseas is seemingly sparse on our campus. We are on a mission to share our experiences with everyone, and help foster the growing popularity of study abroad at Saint Rose.

Step 1


If you are interested in study abroad, stop what you’re doing right now. Get planning. Shoot your advisor an email. Let them know you’re considering studying abroad, even if you only have the slightest inkling to go.

Pull up your degree works; see if it’s in your cards, academically. For most programs, you need a minimum GPA of 2.75. Look at your major, start thinking about what classes you can take abroad. (PRO TIP – Save a few lib eds to take overseas)

Study abroad is a financial investment. For most programs, tuition is similar to what you pay for your Saint Rose tuition. Thankfully, Financial aid and Scholarships still apply. However, plane tickets, food, traveling, etc. are personal expenses. Talk to your parents, go to financial aid, and see if it’s in the cards, financially.

Step 2


Go see your new best friends at the study abroad office (conveniently located at 429 Western Ave). They will be your lifeline throughout this process. Tell them you are interested. They will most likely respond by saying “Awesome! Where would you like to go?”


The age-old question. It’s time to start looking at all the places you can study. Factors to consider: What could benefit your major? What could make you more marketable in the future? Where in the world is calling you?

Follow your gut on this one.

Saint Rose offers direct affiliates with

International Studies Abroad

Spanish Studies Abroad

Studio Art Centers International

Regent’s College, London, England

College, Cork, Ireland.

Step 3


At this point, you’re serious about going. You have weighed the pros and cons. The destination has been set. Study abroad is for you, and you’re ready to take the leap of faith.

1. Intent to study abroad form.

Your advisor, registrar, and department chair (if relevant) need to sign off on this bad boy. On this sheet, you match up the classes you will take abroad at a specific university with current, relevant Saint Rose classes. (Pro Tip: Print out the course descriptions). This one takes a while, so get cracking.

2. Any (online or paper) application required from your university

** The study abroad office is a huge help here. The paperwork needs to be done through this office but they offer a lot of assistance in doing so. Utilize their expertise. Be thankful**

3. Some programs require a letter of recommendation.

Step 4

Get Accepted

Congrats! You’ve been accepted. You may be thinking “Time to sit back and relax!” Wrong. Now is the perfect time to get your passport in order. Find out if you need a visa. Book your flight. Tackle the prodigious amount of paperwork that now hangs over your head.

At this point, download Pinterest. Get planning. Explore different blogs, websites, and articles relating to study abroad.

The pinnacle of your college experience is approaching!

Good luck!

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