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Meet Joelianice Feliciano ’22: Having internship experiences to get ready for the big game

Joelianice Feliciano '22

Joelianice Feliciano, a sports management major from Poughkeepsie, New York, who will graduate in May 2022, has already gained a wealth of knowledge from two internships. She’s also serving our country in the Army National Guard. We talked to her about why she chose Saint Rose, how her internship experience has enhanced her education in sports management, and where she wants her career to take her in sports.

What drew you to Saint Rose and the Huether School of Business?

What drew me to Saint Rose was the smaller classes, which give you the opportunity not only to get the help you need one on one but helps you build a relationship with these professors.

What I love about my major is that there is a wide range of opportunities in both the sports industry and any job around the world. There are many various sports in which I can choose to work in along with any position ranging from facility and operations, athletic director, recreational events coordinator, and so on. I also can get any job as a manager outside the sports industry, which I find so convenient in case I need a backup plan.

Which classes have you found most valuable to your education so far?

Some of the classes that I have found valuable so far are sports marketing, sports facility, and event management, and business communications.

Have you done an internship yet? If so, how has it helped you?

My first internship was this spring 2021 semester at the Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area in Troy and Albany. I got to intern as an assistant coach for baseball. This internship helps me strengthen my team working skills. It takes a lot to work with kids and having each teacher help me out when teaching the kids was such a grateful moment. It also helped me get hands-on experience on how to run a club and maintain equipment clean and organized. I am also currently doing another internship this summer at Precision Boxing and MMA, which I am loving so far. I am working a lot on communicating with potential members of our gym. It also helps me strengthen my computer skills and knowing how to stay organized and keep all files and information of clients together. Lastly, it’s helping me build problem-solving skills which are my goal for this internship.

I am not only interning at Precision Boxing and MMA, but I am also training in all aspects of MMA every day. Lastly, this March 2021,  I joined the Army National Guard, which I am so proud to be a part of.

What are your career goals?

My career goal is to coordinate many recreational events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, UFC fights, and any sports events. My goal is to continue to explore all aspects of the sports industry and become a great asset to both athletes and organizations.

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